Better than Nice♡

A few mornings ago I stumbled upon the humbly named coffee shop, Nice.
This place is truly a hidden gem; located on the popular 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, Nice sits timidly amongst the beautiful, eye-catching eateries.

I stepped in to an unusual, subtle setting, had a glance at the menu and decided to give it a go. Boy am I glad that I did!

Just sitting there was lovely – the service is friendly and the menu is interesting and varied.
I “built” my own brekkie and had scrambled eggs, their spicy tomato relish and crispy bacon. All absolutely delicious and satisfying.

I sat around relaxing, looking at the simple, quaint decor when I spotted the beautiful cakes at the counter. After enquiring, I chose a flourless chocolate cake. It was amazing! A bit more like mousse because of the lack of flour, but it was filled with Belgian chocolate and was as light as a feather…everything but Nice.
I think it’s safe to say that Nice and I will continue to see each other.


Lights, Camera, Eat

So, I’m quite aware that the point of my blog is to share my culinary experiences. However, I think it’s only right that I tell you about all aspects of my food journey, including those of a visual nature.

I have just stepped out of the cinema, having watched The Hundred-Foot Journey and I must say, as uncommon as this is, I have no words.

But I suppose I will manage to string a few sentences together for the benefit of my beloved readers.

The movie tells the story of an Indian family who suffers the tragic loss of their wife and mother. They move to a small village in France.
One of the sons is a talented cook, taught by his mother, and the father is quite adamant to buy a derelict building for his family to transform into an Indian restaurant. The only problem is, there is a very popular Michelin starred, French restaurant just one hundred feet away.

From there we, along with the family, experience happiness, sadness, anger, laughter, love and above all…food!
The images of ingredients and finished dishes are mouthwateringly gorgeous and all you want to do is climb into the screen and join each scene for dinner. I found myself growing attached to the family and wanted to carry on with them even after the credits. It probably doesn’t help that the lead character and chef, Hassan, is incredibly easy on the eyes.
His father is possibly the funniest character I’ve come across in a movie. With his one-liners and dry sense of humour, he really lifts the film. Even in more serious moments he lightens the mood – a definite highlight for me.

A beautiful movie filled with beautiful people, beautiful scenery and beautiful food.
A must see for foodies (and females) the world over!

Olives and Plates

The other day, I had the most delicious breakfast at Olives and Plates on the Wits University West Campus.
The Prof. Paw paw wasn’t unlike other health options offered at various eateries, but the fresh sweet fruit and considerate presentation made this specific plate quite a joyous one to eat – allowing for one to add the yoghurt and nuts at one’s leisure or not at all if desired, which I thought was great. The service was patient and attentive.
Definitely worth the affaire!


I finally found “the foundry”:)

I’d like to start by saying hi, I’m Tayla.
I am a qualified (although not practising) chef. I am an avid writer and eater hence this blog.
My goal is to give an interesting and entertaining insight into the Joburg food scene and my experiences thereof.

Which brings me to my first tale.
Tonight I dined at The Foundry. Located in Parktown North, it is a trendy, cosy restaurant. It was extremely noisy due to the tables and tables of people chattering away – if you’re looking for something DMC appropriate,  then you should probably give this one a miss for

When I caught sight of the menu I was completely sold!
Admittedly, not the cheapest of places, but when you see and taste what you’ve ordered, all those thoughts of expense just go away and you are left alone with your little piece of heaven. I had the sausages and gnocchi – two lamb, one pork and one beef sausage seated next to a tumble of homemade potato gnocchi, a pile of wilted spinach and topped with caramelised onions. All of this sitting on the most amazing onion gravy. It was quite the tearjerker.

To accompany this I had a sparkly sweet strawberry cider – oh so refreshing. My companion had the pork belly with potato and cauliflower pureé and she also requested some of the parsnip pureé which the chef added happily. The plate was drizzled with a coffee gastrique and scattered with macadamia nuts.
I made sure I had a taste and it was positively delightful. I couldn’t really taste the nuts but still lovely!
To finish we shared a classic Eton Mess; as the name suggests, a wonderful, sticky mess of meringue, chantilly cream and berry compôte. A perfect end to the meal.

My food affaire with The Foundry was a passionate one and I believe that it will have to continue.